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Just a small update

I went to the dr's yesterday and they put me on Lamictal which I know nothing about so if anyone has been or is on this will you please let me know more about it since all my dr told me was that it could make me sleepy,I've never been on any type of meds before so I'm kinda tripping over this and probably for nothing,There isn't too much more going on in my world right now other than I'm STILL looking for a job with no luck which is getting old really fast and I think that's adding to my problems since now I'm stressing out from that and having alot that needs to be done but not having any money to do it with,Well guess for now I'll leave it at this since not much is going on,Please inbox me or leave a comment about Lamictal though if any of you have been or are on it,Thank you


Yesterday was my 27th bday and it was pretty good,I don't feel older just the same as always really other than my bones pop alot more now lol,I'm still working on getting my name changed since everytime I go the person I need to talk with isn't there so it's taking longer than I wish it would but maybe soon it'll be started,I'm still having no luck with seeing a therapist either so right now things are just going VERY slow but I'll get there soon

Look at my world

Happy late St. Patrick's day everyone and hope you wore green to not be pinched alot,It's been a crazy month in my world,I've been looking into getting my name changed leagally and looking for a the therapist but I've had better luck with that since I found one who's willing to work with me on a price and everything and I can be starting sessions soon which makes me happy,I've been dealing with my social anxiety by going out places with a few people I still feel like I'm being looked at and judged but not as bad as it was before,I know it'll never fully go away but atleast it's a start or so I hope it is,I've gotten "lazy" with working out since I don't want to look like an hour glass so I'm holding off on that till I get on T but I still try and do a few things here and there so I don't lose what I have so far,I finally got a camera so now I can start vloging and keeping better track of my progress and different things like that which will be fun but also makes me nervous since I don't like my voice but it's something I have to get used to for alittle anyways,That's about all in my world for now but more to come you can bet on that so keep coming back to see what's going on in the crazy world of Ryan but for now,I'm out

New things

First off hope everyone had a good Valentine's day if you're even into that,I set up a gofundme account and would like for anyone to go and take a look at it and if you're able to give anything that would be awesome but if not I understand everything helps and goes towards becoming more me,I also have a you tube channel but haven't made any vidoes yet but will soon,If you want the link to my gofundme page send me a message and I'll send the link to you,Thanks

First post of 2014

I've been looking into going to see a therapist and also getting insurnace which is alot harder than I thought it would be because the marketplace kind doesn't cover what I need it for that I know of so if any of you can help me out that would be great,Also if anyone who reads my blogs that lives close to Kansas City,Mo is trans please message me since I'd like to have more friends and people to support me and talk with and also to workout with so hit me up please

The end is coming

Well as the year comes to a close and I'm looking back on the things that have happened and where I wanted to end up,I still have NOT started transitioning but I did go to see a therapist once and then got busy with things so that got put on hold,I'm going to try again starting the 3rd of Jan so maybe by late spring/early summer I'll atleast have my name changed if not on T,The only thing I can do is just keep trying no matter what happens

So much drama so little time

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Well tomorrow is Easter and looks like none of the family will be here,My brother and his girlfriend are in her home state so he can meet her family,My aunt and uncle are doing their own thing so my mom is very unhappy about it and taking it out on everyone,I got my hair cut today and she doesn't like it so she got on me about that but now she's over it and back to being "normal",Well happy Easter everyone hope it's a good one and you get lots of candy 


Well we're getting hit with a HUGE snow storm and it won't be stopping untill around at least mid night,It'll be about one to two feet once it's finally done and then we're getting another one on Monday and Tuesday,I'm ready for summer already

Starting over

Well I have a new job now since things happened at the other so maybe they'll be as understanding like the other company,I start the 15th so wish me luck on it,Happy valentine's day everyone 

Awesome news

I started a new job a few weeks ago, originally I had been on 2nd shift but recently got moved to first shift after certain events happened but I am glad I was moved. I absolutely love first shift and on my 2nd day of working it I was pulled to the side and asked what I wanted to be referred to as. I almost cried I had never been so excited about being asked that question and they were perfectly okay with referring to me as what I am. Also, I found out that I have a trans lead that they want to pair me up with.

This is MY year

For the ones who don't know me my name is Ryan I'm 25 and trans but pre everything right now,I have a wonderful wife so is supporting me through it all,I hope to get things started this year so I will keep you all updated on how things go once I get it all going so keep checking back if you want to know what's going on in the life of Ryan.

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